Why choose Hasser Enterprises LLC for your IT security audits?

The Threat is Real

Hasser Enterprises LLC has a network of experienced white hat hackers that can inspect your network in very fine detail.  Be proactive in preventing attacks on your company and let Hasser Enterprises LLC conduct a IT security audit on your company’s physical, environmental, and electronic security today.

Expert Background

Hasser Enterprises’ network of cyber security analysts have an intense background in cyber security and are experts in many specific fields.  Make sure you are protected from environmental, physical, and cyber intrusions.

Why receive IT security audits?

Network security audits are becoming a new norm in the business community.  Every company in the United States is a target to “black hat” (bad) hackers.  They typically steal employee and/or financial records or will plant a virus into your network until the perfect moment to deal a devastating blow to your company’s IT infrastructure.  Let your employee’s feel safe at work, keep your data in the correct hands, and have peace of mind that you are well protected from cyber attack’s in the future.  Contact us now to get a quote right now from Hasser Enterprises for a IT security audit of your company.

Examples of threats

One of the most common threats today is the cryptovirus or cryptolocker malware.  This military encryption technology has fallen into the hands of a group of “black hat” hackers who have chosen to use the technology in an unacceptable way.  This virus “steals” all of your .pdf, .docx, .doc, .xlsx, .xls, .pst, etc files.  If it is  significant, they encrypt it.  Read more here.

Another threat that goes overlooked in many cases is the physical security of a computer network.  Hasser Enterprises’ security audit process ensures that all physical aspects of your networks security are sound as well.