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  • High speed Internet designed for redundancy and uptime.

  • We love to work with existing IT departments!

  • Cisco, Dell, HP, Ubiquiti, Mikrotik and other managed network devices consulting services available.

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Internet Coverage by Zip Code

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Hats off to Hasser Enterprises for having the knowledge and work ethic to make this happen affordably.  Not only did we gain redundancy that allows the network to back feed in the opposite direction when a node fails, but we also have the capability to identify the exact failed node with out having to guess and swap parts blindly. This capability moves us further into the future and diminishes incalculable hours of down time experienced in the past for communications issues as our techs now have an excellent troubleshooting tool to isolate com errors.
McDuffie Coal Terminal, Alabama State Port Authority
In an ever-changing world, the importance of working, secure information technology is of extreme importance. Having Hasser Enterprises as our in-house team increased our security, optimized our network, and gave us peace of mind so that our 70+ business members could worry about growing their businesses, not the security of their data. The team at Hasser Enterprises is responsive, knows how to translate high tech language to an understandable level for the average business owner, and was able to help us make sure that we had the right package that fit our very specific needs.
Private, Exchange 202
Reliable and prompt service. Highly recommended.
Our business has been very satisfied with the services provided by Hasser Enterprises. Many IT specialists can seem unapproachable and detached, but Tim is worlds apart from that generalization. He is friendly, knowledgeable, dependable and always committed to fixing our business’s challenges. He is professional but doesn’t bog us down with technical or confusing verbiage. We at Wintzell’s Oyster House would recommend him, without reservation, to any business or individual because in our experience, he’s gone above and beyond the call of duty for our 80-year-old restaurant brand.